Contract Address : 0x962D45C91e2e4f29DdC96C626976ECE600908Ba6

$HUNT is a next-generation $CORE reward token on the Core Chain ecosystem. 4% of every transaction made with the $HUNT tokens, goes back to holders of $HUNT in $CORE rewards.

DeFi doesn't have to be difficult, it can be as easy as buying and holding a token to earn passive income.

How $HUNT works

Simply swap your coins for $HUNT on ArcherSwap, and HODL it! You could claim and track your rewards from our dashboard.

What is the utilities of $HUNT?

  1. Storage of wealth, since $HUNT supply is only 1,000,000 tokens, there's a very shortage supply. Imagine every person hold only 100 $HUNT, it takes only 10,000 person to fully utilized the token, and by the time of 50% holders, the price of $HUNT already skyrocket.

  2. Whitelist for launchpad, amount of $HUNT holding will be adjusted according the price of $HUNT

  3. Passive income by just holding $HUNT and users will permanently receive $CORE as rewards in return.

  4. Stake $HUNT to earn $BOW is you don't like the reflection rate due to low volume some times.

  5. Can stake as collateral after ArcherSwap Lending is launched.

What is a reflection token?

Reflection token refers crypto asset which rewards holders by adding new crypto to their wallets. Earning extra crypto is the end goal of other DeFi investment mechanisms like staking and yield farming. However, reflection tokens pay holders without them having to move any money, sign up to any staking pool, or even having to check their crypto wallet.

Reflections are usually financed by a percentage tax on every transaction in the native token. The tax deducted is redistributed instantly to token holders, according to the size of how much users hold.

Aside from passive income generation advantages, reflection tokens also help to prevent large price drops. This is both because taxes discourage whales (individuals holding a large amount of a specific coin) from selling up their positions and encourage investors to hold onto tokens for greater reflection in the future. Reflection tokens keep investors loyal to a project.

Reflection mechanisms employ smart contracts that automatically distribute tokens across holders’ wallets (often also a liquidity pool and/or a burning wallet).

Key Parameter

Reflection to holder




Increase Liquidity


Max amount per wallet


One time max transaction amount


Min Token For Dividends


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